König-Sauber Clay Mitt + Clay Lubricant + 3 in 1 Ceramic Detailer

R1,538.90 R1,253.90

What you get:

König-Sauber Clay Mitt

König-Sauber 3 in 1 Ceramic Detailer

König-Sauber Clay Lubricant


What you get:

König-Sauber Clay Mitt

König-Sauber 3 in 1 Ceramic Detailer

König-Sauber Waterless Wash

König-Sauber Clay Mitt

The König-Sauber Clay Mitt enables you to clay the entire car in a fraction of the time that a traditional clay bar would take, cutting your two hour claying time down to around 20 minutes while also preventing your shoulders, elbows, arms and hands from wear on.

The König-Sauber Clay Mitt applies to cars of any color and will never scratch the surface. Soft and flexible clay results in a smooth and contaminant free paint surface.

Easy to Use Clay Bar Alternative

The large effective work area of the König-Sauber Clay Mitt makes claying your car much more efficient. Lasts up to 5x longer than traditional clay bars.

Washable and Reusable:
The König-Sauber Clay Mitt does not need to be thrown away if dropped, unlike traditional clay.

König-Sauber Clay Mitt Improves the performance and durability of wax by restoring a smooth surface to the paint finish.

Use König-Sauber Car Bath or a concentrated car shampoo and water solution to keep the König-Sauber Clay Mitt lubricated as you work on the surface area.

The König-Sauber Clay Mitt easily removes ingrained dirt, bugs, tar spots and dulling pollutants from paintwork, windscreens and headlights.

You can hear and feel the contamination being worked by the Clay Mitt, As each section becomes smooth, move on to the next.

How to Use the König-Sauber Clay Mitt

  1. Clean bodywork with König-Sauber Car Bath
  2. Spray König-Sauber 3 in 1 Detailer onto the selected work area and the mitt, or use a concentrated Car Bath and water solution
  3. Gently work the Clay Mitt over the lubricated surface with light pressure without letting it dry
  4. Wipe away any residue with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  5. Before re-using, rinse off accumulated contaminants on the mitt with water.

König-Sauber 3 in 1 Ceramic Detailer

König-Sauber 3 IN 1 Ceramic Detailer now makes paint protection easier and faster than ever before. The unique formulation allows for quick and effective spray application.

This is a time saving product which uses a combination of binding polymer monomer technology and active Si02 to produce an extreme hyperactive water beading, crystalline finish. 3 in 1 Ceramic detailer creates a mirror reflection while sealing the surface of your paint as well as adding superior depth and clarity to any paint colour.

3 in 1 Ceramic detailer may be applied to treated and untreated surfaces. 3 IN 1 Ceramic Detailer may be applied to wet or dry vehicles and is safe to spray all exterior surfaces.

3 IN 1 Ceramic Detailer provides UV Protection using a combination of a UV filter and UV stabilizers. What makes the König-Sauber 3 IN 1 Ceramic Detailer different is the surface migrating molecule that attaches to the paint surface of a vehicle. Once attached this molecule cross-links and polymerizes on the surface to build a hydrophobic durable layer of protection.

Clay Lubricant

Clay Lubricant lays down a coat of slick lubrication between the clay bar or clay mitt and your paintwork to help your clay bar or synthetic substitute glide and slide without getting stuck or harming the surface area

Use This To:

Create a super slippery surface for your clay bar or mitt
Extend the life your natural clay bar or mitt
Decontaminate any shiny or clear exterior surface area
Lubricate your synthetic rubber clay mitt or block
Prevent scratching, swirling and harming the surface area

Clay is so sticky that without lubrication, they would simply get stuck to the paint! Spray Clay Lubricant wherever your wash mitt or clay bar goes to increase lubricity and reduce friction on the surface area to ensure your clay grabs onto the above-surface contamination stuck on top of the surface to restore a smooth as glass surface without causing extra scratches and damage as the contamination clogs polishing pads!

Works With all Types Of Clay

Traditional detailers used to use soap and water with their clay bars, but found the mixture dissolving their clay bars and leaving bits of it all over the cars they detailed. Clay Lubricant utilizes a non-caustic formula and actually helps extend the life and effectiveness of your clay bar or clay mitt by using synthetic wetting agents and slick lubricants to create the slickest surface are with the least friction possible.

How to use it:

Spray König-Sauber Clay Lubricant onto the mitt and the area you are working on and proceed with your clay bar or mitt

Applicable Materials: Painted Surfaces Glass Clear Plastics Vinyl Rubber Plastic
Applicable Locations: Exterior, Windows and Wheels
Product Form: Liquid