Diamond Resin™ Windscreen Repair Chip Resin 1010 15ml x 10 Pack

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Pack (10) x Diamond Resin™ Windscreen Chip Repair Resin 15ml x 10

Tested extensively all over the African continent – Diamond Resin™ windscreen repair resin works as a low viscosity injection resin as well as an exceptional long crack resin. An industry favourite for well over 10 years, it is known as an incomparable repair resin. Diamond Resin™ performs extremely well in all weather conditions and all types of chips and especially long cracks. The one to have when time is money and reliable quality is all you need! Extensively tested and endorsed by Autoscreenz™ South Africa as their Top Resin since 2012.

Available in packs of 10 x 15 ml bottles.

Diamond Resin™ is a Proudly South African product.

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Independent auto glass repair and replacement professionals all over Africa prefer Diamond Resin™ resins over any other brand! Characteristics shared by all Diamond Resin™ injection resins include:

  • Superior flexibility to compensate for expansion, contraction and glass flex
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Compatible with all Windscreen repair kits
  • Low acrylic acid content
  • Quick curing

Crystal Resin™ Crack Resin

  • Diamond Resin™ Proprietary Formula
  • Crystal Resin™ is considered a low viscosity windscreen repair resin.
  • Nominal viscosity: 18cps
  • Low toxicity
  • Exceptional bonding strength
  • Fast curing
  • Superior for all break types including long cracks
  • Superior in all climates