Autoscreenz™ Windscreen Repair Kit Professional Package 3

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Windscreen Repair Starter Kit. Includes Training Manuals and all consumables. This kit can make over R100 000 back! Sounds unbelievable. Believe it!

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Windscreen Repair Kit Professional package

What you get:

  • Bridge with Plunger/Injector
  • Blades x 20
  • Drill Bits x 20
  • Chip Curing Film
  • Glass Polishing Compound
  • Diamond Resin™ Chip Resin 1010 15ml x4
  • Diamond Resin™  Crack Bond 4010 15ml x 4
  • Diamond Resin™  Pit Resin 6010 5ml x3
  • Glass Polishing and Scratch removal accessories
  • Drill (Cordless) Rechargeable Specialized
  • Specialized Flexer tool
  • UV Resin Curing Light (12V)
  • Quality Tool Box
  • Training Manual

Enough consumables for +- 500  repairs

Make more than 10 times your money back with this kit! An unbelievable investment for any business. 

Any size chip or crack can be repaired with this kit.

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